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My philosophy on recording is simple. You've put countless hours into crafting songs that you're proud of, and as an engineer my job is to accurately translate that vision into a lasting product. I aim for timeless, gimick-free recordings that represent the best that an artist has to offer.

I've recorded at studios around Nashville and I can recommend a few favorites, or if you already have a studio in mind I'm quick to adapt to new spaces. I do a lot of recording in my own home studio as well. Sometimes the best music magic happens in a space that feels like home.

If you've already laid down your tracks, I offer full-service mixes including editing, tuning (if necessary), and creating the perfect vibe to suit your songs. 

Already have a project in mind? Reach out! I'd love to talk about your recording/mixing needs and send you a custom quote.


The Home Studio

I've put a lot of time into creating a recording space at home that feels cozy and comfortable but also sounds great. I have a control room upstairs and a large tracking room in the basement, with custom cabling run between the two. I specialize in tracking multiple band members at once in the same space so that everybody feels like they're making music together, not alone in small rooms.

  • 16 inputs

  • 4 headphone outputs

  • Focusrite preamps

  • Pro Tools 10

  • 88-key MIDI keyboard and MIDI drumset

  • Selection of Shure, AKG, Audiotechnica and Sennheiser microphones

  • Stands, headphones, cables and everything you need to get tracking



Tracking at a studio of your choosing

Tracking at my home studio



Vocal tuning/comping




Featured Tracks

“Mojave Queen”, recorded by Dan O’Rourke and mixed by Kim Wheeler. Released 2019.

“Sad and Lonely”, recorded by Mike T. Kerr and mixed by Kim Wheeler at the home studio. Released in September of 2018.

"Matilda Mother", recorded by Howling Giant in 2018. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kim Wheeler at the home studio.

"The Pioneer", recorded by Howling Giant and released on "Black Hole Space Wizard Pt. 2" in 2017. Recorded and mixed by Kim Wheeler. Tracking at County Q Studios in Nashville and Kim's home studio. Mixed at the home studio.


Live Sound

Live sound is a careful balance between technical knowledge, artistry and people skills. When you work with me, not only are you going to get accurate, huge sound that will welcome your audience into your music, but you'll be able to trust that what you're hearing on stage is what your fans are hearing out in the crowd. 

I believe in the concept of live sound as "sound reinforcement", which means that my goal is to reinforce and showcase the sound being created onstage. That means there won't be any unexpected surprises. It's just your music, amplified and enhanced.

I have years of experience working on shows of all sizes, from intimate acoustic sets to giant outdoor festivals with nationally touring headliners. I love helping bands connect with their audiences, and if you have a show coming up that needs to sound incredible, I'd love to discuss your sound needs.



FOH (Front of House) mixing

Monitor mixing

Systems engineering

Stage managing

Live sound consulting


About Kim


It all starts with the music. My own journey to sound started with a passion for music and the way it can make people feel. I do this work because I love making people sound their best, so they can focus on making music and connecting with their listeners.

I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada playing a few different instruments, but mainly alto and baritone saxophone. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in music after performing made such an impact on my high school years, and I moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music with the hopes of playing saxophone professionally. However, life often takes us on journeys we don't expect and shortly after arriving at Berklee I found I had an even stronger connection to the "behind-the-scenes" of professional music. I saw the difference a great engineer can make to an artist and their work, and I found I had a knack for using my technical knowledge to help musicians translate their performances into timeless recordings and exciting live shows. 

I graduated from Berklee in 2014 with a degree in Music Production and Engineering, as well as a solid understanding of the "what" of audio engineering. I knew how to use the tools of cables, consoles and microphones, but it wasn't until I moved to Nashville and started working in live sound that I found out the "why". Working downtown at Tin Roof Broadway, in the city's live music trenches, I learned to trouble-shoot, work quickly, and build trust with a band or artist. I built a reputation for providing worry-free, accurate sound with a positive attitude behind it.

I also spent a year working for a production company, MidCoast Sound, where I deepened my technical knowledge by working on larger shows for nationally touring acts. The production company world taught me what really goes into live shows, from beginning to end. There's a lot of value in knowing how every part of your stage works, from generator power to lighting, to how to protect your gear from the elements in an outdoor show. 

While in Nashville I've mainly focused on live sound, but I've also had the opportunity to work on a few very special records. With my new home recording studio I'm about to make recording and mixing a much bigger part of my business.

Currently I'm working full-time in sound and I'm always looking for a new audio adventure! Reach out if you need to sound great at your next show or on your next record.



Every project is unique. Send me some information about your show, album or audio vision and I'll send you a custom quote, along with my availability for that service. 

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